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A police brutality essay without a problem

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There are commonly accepted rules as to the standards of writing a police brutality essay. As any other academic paper, it should consist of 3 main parts: introduction, main body and conclusion. If you have never dealt with such a task as writing an academic paper, our guide as to the main rules of creating a successful police brutality essay will be of great use for you.

What to remember:

  • Your essay should have a certain structure;
  • Avoid using unnecessary water;
  • Include the sources if you use citations in your work.

Now let's look at every part of your police brutality essay in details.

Part one: Introduction

The introduction usually reveals the goal of your writing, the problems you are going to solve and possible solutions of them with the necessary steps for this. You should always keep this in mind. It is also necessary to speak about the relevance of your problem, its novelty and sphere of application. Your introduction should be straight to the point without any unnecessary water.

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Part two: Main Body

This part of your police brutality essay is the most important, so it should be the weightiest. The obligatory elements of it are:

  • The head of your paper which informs about your topic and the problems it will deal with. Here you can use some additional literature to support your ideas. It should also contain some conclusions as to the information provided with the logical bridges to the next part.
  • The practical part where you are expected to express your own opinion.
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Final part: Conclusion

In this part you need to give the results of your writing, make some conclusions, highlight the problems that you managed to resolve and those that you failed to solve, explaining the reasons for this. All the information presented should be brief and without extra water.


In case you use some citations in your essay, it is necessary to provide the source of them and present them with quotation marks so as to avoid plagiarism.

These are the main stages of writing your essay on police brutality or any other topic you require.

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