Composing a good hook for a research paper without a problem

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If you do not know what we mean while offering you the tips on how to write a good hook, we are happy to clarify this. In this article we are going to teach you how to compose an attractive introduction to the topic you are going to deal with in your research paper. This might be 2-3 sentences or even paragraphs that will attract the attention of the audience to your topic and will keep them engaged till the end of your writing.

Telling the truth, there is hardly a piece of writing that can exist without such a good hook, and we are talking not only about academic papers but even about a novel and so on. There are no doubts that a successful beginning defines the further success of the paper among readers.

Research paper: what is special about it?

Such type of academic writing as a research paper is not only the representation of facts and ideas related to a particular topic or problem, this is, first of all, some analytical material containing writer’s standpoints and his/her ideas as to the future application of this research.

Therefore, it becomes evident that the main tip on how to write a good hook is to present the writer’s viewpoint but with some intriguing hints as to the further development of the research.

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Still need help with how to write a good hook? Enjoy yourself!

  • Start with an intriguing question. It is quite possible to find some question related to your topic that is a rather doubtful one. You can enrich this question with your own ones to prompt the issues you are going to research and analyze.
  • Present your personal standpoint. This trick is very successful when you deal with some accepted misunderstandings, or ruin the renowned myth. It is also a beneficial step if you can offer quite a new look on something well-established! Your creativity is a real helper in this situation, so do not be afraid to rely on it! But do not forget the main topic of your essay and do not go too far away from it.
  • Do not neglect using facts and statistics. It is very interesting for everyone to find out something new and interesting. When you strengthen your opinion with some reliable facts or numbers, your work sounds weightier. These evidences can be used in various parts of your writing, the only problem is to use them appropriately. However, only trustworthy sources should be used for this purpose with the special links to them.
  • argumentative essays
  • Fresh up your writing with citations and sayings. Although this tip on how to write a good hook may seem to be useful only while writing a humanitarian paper, it is worth remembering it for all. You are free to use a fragment of the book, a citation or even an adequate anecdote to support your standpoint or just to ‘fresh up’ your writing.
  • Mention the scene. It is hardly possible to believe that this tip really works. But it appears to be one of the most efficient while thinking how to write a good hook. With the help of a detailed scene description you help to visualize the topic you are revealing and make the readers forget about the boring research paper. In this way you provide your audience with a psychological break.

We hope that now it has become evident for you that composing a good hook is not a problem if you try to use our tips on how to write a good hook. To sum up, it is necessary to mention one more tip: give chance to your imagination and it will grant you for this!

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